Katie and James’s Wedding Photography At Highbury Hall

Katie and James’s Wedding Photography At Highbury Hall

Twas the eve before New Years on a bright winter’s day when I was invited to provide wedding photography at Highbury Hall for Katie and James. The conditions were perfect for photographing the venue exterior; the morning sunshine ignited the red bricks in a golden glow and the sky was delightfully blue. Inside, the main hall was beautifully decorated for the winter season, with Christmas trees, wreaths and boughs all coming together to create a cosy atmosphere. Fairy lights were strung from the overhead balconies, and photographs of the couple were arranged on fireplace mantelpieces. Eucalyptus and white roses adorned the tables lining the hall, complementing Katie and James’ three tier wedding cake.

Upstairs the bride and groom were getting ready for the big day. Each room was furnished with rustic antiquities, staying true to the hall’s Victorian heritage to create a stylish but homely feel. James looked fantastic in a white suit and black bowtie, whilst Katie was stunning in an off-the-shoulder long-sleeved lace dress.

Soon the guests arrived and Katie made her way down the main staircase and into the drawing room where the civil ceremony would take place. The large floor to ceiling windows allowed for plenty of daylight to flood over the intimate space. Vows were spoken, rings exchanged, the register signed, and all the while Katie and James looked wonderfully relaxed in each other’s company, brimming with an infectious happiness that filled the room.

The winter sun was already beginning its descent as I looked out from one of the upper windows for a group shot overlooking the picturesque grounds, followed by traditional portraits with the Grade II listed hall in the background, and of course a classic confetti-throwing shot.

Katie and James’ newlywed photoshoot was definitely a highlight of my time doing wedding photography at Highbury Hall. There were so many locations to frame the bride and groom including the confetti-dusted driveway and the lush ever-green hedges in the landscaped gardens. The peaceful library in particular was a favourite for both fun and posed portraits. There’s a great one of all the men in their suits surrounding the vintage desk. But one of my favourite photographs is of Katie and James standing arm in arm, the glow of the setting sun filtering through the bare branches of the trees behind them.

One of the best things about doing wedding photography at Highbury Hall at this time of year is the perfectly romantic atmosphere that arises when the sun has disappeared below the horizon and the hall is illuminated by the glow of Christmas lights. After the cake had been cut, the speeches given and glasses raised, I joined the couple upstairs for a second photoshoot. The wreathed balconies and elegant staircase provided a luminously sophisticated and tranquil setting, making my job as a wedding photographer at Highbury Hall all the more enjoyable.

For the evening celebrations, the drawing room was transformed into a dance floor and the party took full swing. Vibrant disco colours illuminated the interior whilst sparklers created patterns in the cool December air outside.

Thank you to Katie and James for inviting me to do your wedding photography at Highbury Hall, and for making my last wedding of 2019 so special. It was a pleasure to be a wedding photographer at Highbury Hall once again, and I had a wonderful time photographing your big day. I wish you both all the very best for the future. Cheers!