About Me

About Me

Hi, thanks for taking the time to take a look at my wedding photography. If you’re thinking about booking me for your big day then you probably want to know a little about me, after all it’s important that you like the sound of your wedding photographer!

I was born in Birmingham and spent my early years living near Bearwood.  Lots of my early teens were spent bombing around Warley Woods on my BMX. (A DP Freestyle frame with Skyway Mags, for those of you wondering.) I’ve always had a love for music, so back then it would have been early Def Jam records and “Street Sounds” electro/hip hop compilations borrowed from the local library. My first ever concert was Roachford, at the Humminghbird. I regularly bought “Smash Hits” and loved a-ha. I also went through a bit of a Deacon Blue phase. Music tastes are always a bit dodgy when you’re young. Moving on…

I was a bit of a DJ in my student days (though I probably should have been studying), and was a DJ/promoter at Snobs Nightclub, starting up the night Big Wednesday with my good pal Dave Southam and the then-owner of Snobs, Gary. Crazy to think that night is still going strong now, decades on!

I had progressed from Smash Hits to NME and i-D magazines. I was also madly into house music and regularly frequented the early Birmingham house scene such as A Better Way at the Institute, Breathless and Love Revolution at Snobs, Safari Club at Coast-To-Coast and Wobble down in the Jewellery Quarter. My music loves then were DJ’s Sasha and Andrew Weatherall, Boys Own, Guerrilla Records and Italian piano house. And let’s not forget local heroes such as DJ Lee Fisher and DJ Dick. Best gig around this time was Primal Scream’s “Screamadelica” tour, with Andrew Weatherall and The Orb supporting. Top banana.

Despite all the clubbing, I (somehow) graduated from University with a degree in Computer Science (and big collection of vinyl). I then started a career in IT, as a Software Engineer. I started out programming big ol’ AS400’s, and soon the web took off and I started to learn to develop web applications, working for various large IT organisations. And I’ve continued to work in IT most of my years since, firstly as a Programmer and then as a Project Manager.

Being young, free and single at this time meant I had a bit of spare cash, allowing me to start to do some travelling. It started off with lads adventures to New York in my early twenties, and has gone on to include many amazing places from Argentina to Vietnam (I couldn’t think of a “W, X, Y or Z”). The only continent I haven’t been to is probably Antartica.

I’ve calmed down a lot now, and live a more quiet existance with my partner Melanie, three boys James, Ben and Tim, and Emma the dog. We enjoy living in Sutton Coldfield town centre, where we’re surrounded by great bars and restaurants (though it’s not great for the wasteline or bank balance!). I’ve swapped nights out with Pete Tong for pasta at Pizza By Golli (my favourite local Italian).

I still love my music though, and still have an eclectic love for anything from a-ha to Cut Copy to Chvrches to Jon Hopkins, La Roux and London Grammar.

Oh, and I’ve also got a season ticket at the Albion, which sometimes doesnt make sense when most weddings are on a Saturday! I will, and often do, happily photograph couples of other football faiths, even Wolves fans!

Technology and gadgets are also my thing, and I got into  photography as a hobby many years ago. One thing just lead to another, photography clubs lead to people asking me to do family shoots, then that led to people asking me to photograph their wedding, and that led to Bluefinch Photography! So at the time of writing I’ve being doing Wedding Photography for something like five years now. Whilst it can be a long and tiring day (after all, I’m at most weddings for over 12 hours), it’s also very rewarding. It’s just great to be able to provide beautiful photographic memories for couples that will last a lifetime, and it’s also such a lovely feeling when couples contact me after they’ve received their photos to tell me how happy they are with their wedding photographs. Some brides have even cried with joy!

So if I havent scared you off with early stories of Deacon Blue or my football affiliation, and you think you could see me at your wedding (as your photographer of course), then I’d love to hear from you.  If you  would like to chat further then give me a call or just drop me a quick email to check whether I am available for your special day. Most couples then choose to meet up for a coffee or drink to discuss in more detail and to make sure they’re happy with me in person.

So it’s over to you now, even if you’ve only got a couple of questions for now, I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

Speak soon.


Scott Bytheway Birmingham & West Midlands Wedding Photographer

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