As I’m mainly based in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham, I always relish the opportunity to discover new venues outside my home town, and this restored 17th-century tithe barn may prove to be one of my favourites. It is a truly enchanting wedding venue. The lavish antique furnishings, roaring open fires and beautiful working herb gardens made my time doing wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel very pleasant indeed.

To start the day off I joined the groom, James, and the lads at his home. They looked very stylish in their grey suits and a variety of pink and purple ties, drinking glasses of sparkling champagne in the morning sun – I certainly captured a boyband vibe, and the vivid colours of the garden combined with the spring sunshine provided great lighting and tone. Out on the street was a rather glamourous vintage 1929 Ford Landaulette, which was to transport the men, and later the ladies, to the wedding venue.

Heather meanwhile was preparing for the big day at her home, and I quickly captured the essence of the chosen theme: pastel rose and gypsophila bouquets, floral pearl hairpieces, lace bridesmaid dresses that matched the colours of the men’s ties, and of course the bridal gown hanging exquisitely on the doorframe – an ivory dress detailed with elaborate floral designs. As Heather and the girls made their final preparations I made my way over to the wedding venue: the Hundred House Hotel in Norton, Telford.

It was clear from the start that my time doing wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel was going to be a great experience. It has the perfect blend of refined vintage panache and cosy country pub, with the essence of a traditional English country home. As James greeted the arriving guests I snuck into the barn where the wedding ceremony was to take place. With white chairs lined up to make the aisle, posies of white roses and glittering lights, it was a fairy-tale vision.

After the guests had been seated, James waited at the front of the aisle, all smiles as Heather excitedly walked to join him with her father, and the ceremony began. The blue daylight cascading through the back door mingling with the warm tones of the fairy lights created a magical setting for wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel as the couple exchanged rings, made their vows, and sealed their marriage with a kiss. They then proceeded to the red carpet outside with their friends and family and were showered in delicate confetti. As a photographer, I love catching that fleeting moment when time stills and tiny pieces of coloured paper hang like snow in the air.

Afterwards, everyone gathered in the gardens for refreshing drinks and outdoor games, including Jenga and Croquet. I meandered through the relaxed atmosphere, capturing smiles as the sun shone down from a hazy blue sky. With the afternoon in full swing, it was soon time to whisk the couple away for some personal photographs.

One of my favourite parts of doing wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel was exploring the gardens with James and Heather and finding the most idyllic setting for their newlywed photos. With the promise of spring in the air and the gardens beginning to bloom, the couple soon relaxed and enjoyed themselves in front of the camera surrounded by gorgeous greenery and sunlit walkways.

We then retreated back to the front garden which provided a naturally charming backdrop for outdoor wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel, and the guests soon gathered around for group photos.

As the preparations were made for the wedding reception, I explored the now transformed barn. Bottles of Merlot waited on sophistically-laid tables, accompanied by dainty bird cages housing small candles and confetti hearts. And on the wedding cake table was a little wooden box for cards and posies of pastel flowers. All these small but significant items provided that personal touch for capturing wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel. Soon everyone was seated, James and Heather sat beneath the ‘Just Married’ banner, the speeches began and wine glasses were chinked in celebration.

The afternoon gave way to evening and it was time for the party to start. When the music began to play James and Heather took to the dance floor. The addition of disco lights to the already luminous barn gave me a variety of tones and iridescence to work with whilst doing wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel, making the first dance a truly magical moment. Afterwards, the couple cut the cake and partied on with their guests into the night.

Thank you to James and Heather for inviting me to do your wedding photography at the Hundred House Hotel. Congratulations on your marriage and for choosing such an enchanting venue! It was a really wonderful day full of laughter, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All my best wishes for your future together.