Acrylic Blocks

A simple yet hugely popular photo block frame. Two premium thickness pieces of clear acrylic are held together by 4 strong magnets making it extremely quick and easy to change and update images. The photo block frame can show an image from both sides making it a great double sided frame, for any situation.

The 6 x 4 inch frame (left) is sized so that your image is flush with the edge of the frame, with no border around the edge.

The 7.5 x 5.5 inch frame (right) is sized so that your 6 x 4 image floats in the middle of the block with a border around the edge.

Both frame sizes include a 6 x 4 inch picture of your choice, and you can buy extra prints to swap the prints around.

Acrylic Blocks

6 x 4 inches – £20.00

7.5 x 5.5 inches – 30.00

Acrylic Blocks

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